Welcome to The Valley Retreat

Meditation in Truro

A space to relax

So it is with considerable excitement that I can announce we are open again for face to face sessions. It will be a wonderful opportunity to welcome back my dear friends and a further opportunity to meet new people with an interest in meditation and openness. Please feel free to contact with any questions or enquiries you may have. See you soon!

The Valley Retreat is a unique non-residential meditation centre in Truro, Cornwall. It is a space dedicated to you. It is an opportunity for you to find freedom.

The Valley Retreat is set in over 3 acres of beautiful Cornish countryside within 5 minutes drive of Truro city centre. Teachings are offered from the meditation cabin surrounded by an abundance of trees and a wide variety of wildlife. It is an ideal setting to retreat and begin or develop a lasting transformative mindfulness and meditation practice.

People are drawn to mindfulness and meditation for a wide variety of reasons and as a result no two sessions are the same. In a world of increased complexity and busyness the potential for stress and anxiety is rife. The aim of the practice is to help you to get to know yourself and understand how and why you live your life. The primary aim is to simply relax.

Mindfulness and meditation is available to everyone. You cannot be good or bad at mindfulness or meditation. One of the key pressures within modern western society is a profound fear of failure or inadequacy. The pratice is beyond the cultural conventions of success and failure. Every single person has the ability to transform their life through these ancient and profoundly simple practices. Everyone has the opportunity for contentment. Everyone has the opportunity to simply be.

We offer mindfulness and meditation teaching primarily for individuals or small groups. Online teaching is also available via skype or facebook messenger.

The first and most important step is contact us. So often we lack confidence. We want change but we feel trapped in our habits. The most simple and positive thing you can do is simply pick up the phone or send the email. There is nothing to be lost everything to be gained.  Please free to contact us at anytime by phone 07966237344 or by email rob@thevalleyretreat.co.uk to discuss how we may help you or to simply discusss in more detail what we offer. We will always get back to you as soon as is possible.

This is a wonderful opportunity