We are here for you

At The Valley Retreat we provide mindfulness and meditation teaching primarily for individuals or small groups of no more than three people tailored to your specific needs.

There is not set course. Each session is led according to the experience of the participant or practitioner. The sessions help guide and flow with the experience towards a deeper realisation of where we are in this moment.  Each session will include teaching, meditations and discussions. All practitioners are encouraged to ask questions and share realisations at anytime during and following each session.

The key aim is relaxation. Relaxation means letting go of everything as it happens. Seeing the truth of change. Learning to simply be, to make all visitors comfortable in their practice and to help them continue and develop the skills learnt at The Valley Retreat in their own home and in their every day life. It is well understood that when we are developing a regular practice we may often faces apparent difficulties or challenges, especially in the beginning, and therefore we are always available to offer advice and support when needed.

At The Valley Retreat there is an emphasis on individual one on one sessions as this has proved to be the most effective and focused way for the development of a regular, relaxed and committed practice. Such sessions usually last 75 minutes at a cost of £25 or £30 for a pair but again these can be tailored to your personal circumstance.

If you have any questions on how we can help you please feel free to ask and contct us at anytime