Embrace the storms…

June 6, 2017

Embrace the storms for they like all things will pass…

Embrace the storms for they like all things will soon pass…

Posted by Rob Dowling on Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tall trees full of leaf
like vast green sails
bent and bashed by summer storm’s
some will fall
some will break
strong in their flexibility
in majestic silence
they accept their fate
with wisdom they know this will pass

When we first come to meditation and mindfulness it may be because we have experienced a dramatic event in our life. Or indeed we may be in the middle of a storm right now. Our perception of life is built upon our thoughts and ideas of how it should be. These beliefs are often based on events of the past or hopes and fears of the future but very rarely in the reality of this present moment – the eternal now. Our lack of momentary mindful awareness so often leads to our suffering. Plans that are made simply do not come to fruition and fall apart, relationships end and difficulties arise. Such happenings lead to sadness or despair. Yet if we are able to take a different perspective and accept all of life as it is, in this moment, then even the most difficult of times can be seen to part of the whole experience of life. When we learn to not take things so personally, to embrace and accept all of of life without judgement. If we do this we are free to find happiness even in the darkest moments of life. With mindful awareness we can soon realise that nothing lasts. Change is constant. With this insight we can choose to embrace and find equanimity, a middle path beyond the extremes of good and bad. We can learn to find an inner stillness even within the greatest of storms.